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Membership is Easy!!


You are invited to become a...


Member: Join others in believing Elmore's past must be protected, preserved, and shared.  Gain Access to exciting opportunities Elmore's history. Individual membership is only $5.00 for the year and can be paid by calling Jen at (419) 509-1918 or emailing    Cash, money orders, and checks payable to the Elmore Historical Society are accepted.


Membership meetings are held on the 3 rd Sunday of the month at 3pm in the Historical Society Barn (Ory Park).


The Historical Committee (History Seekers) meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm in the Local History Room of the Harris-Elmore Public Library.  All are welcome!

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Volunteer: Share your passion for helping others and preserving the past. Serve as a docent, festival volunteer, Living History Educator (we need children too!) merchandise, food preparation, and aid in making displays.  We can work around your schedule and give school credit for service.


It has also been our policy to “give back” to local groups who help us out with our events. We find that exchanging our help for them in return for them having helped us out [or vice-versa] is a great way for all to thrive.


If we can come talk to your group [Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Key Club, Church youth group etc.] please call 419-574-1559 (Renee) to schedule a volunteer speaker to inspire your group into action.


To all of you who have volunteered with us before and who continually volunteer...

THANK YOU! Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again !


Donor: The Elmore Historical Society is a 501 (c) (3) organization funded by private donations and fundraising. Your tax deductible contribution helps us fund collections, building preservation, and educational programming. Consider becoming a monetary donar, or donate your historical artifacts to be displayed for public enjoyment. Bring items to the Local History Room at the Harris-Elmore Public Library and paperwork will be filed.



Print out the form below & fill out your info to become a member TODAY! Mail it to

Elmore Historical Society
353 Ottawa

P.O. Box 154 

Elmore, OH 43416 do not need to live in Elmore to become a member.

**Lifetime Memberships: $100 (one time fee)