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The History Seekers are a sub-committee within the Elmore Historical Society that focuses on historical public programming and ensuring the preservation measures of our buildings and artifacts.


We always welcome new members!!  We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm  in the Local History Room of the Harris-Elmore Public Library.


We have provided programming for the Heckman Log Cabin in the way of childrens games, home demonstrations, and tours.  We are cataloging the items in the Train Depot Historical Museum and raising money to allow for tours and renovations to our historical properties.


We are currently video taping residents of Elmore for our Local History Interview Series.  We plan on using these videos as a keepsake at the library and also providing snippets of interviews to be shown at the Depot on an overhead television for public viewing during special events and festivals.  Items that have been asked of participants include:


Family History

School Life


Changes in Elmore Businesses


Jobs that you have had

Memorable People in Town

Reminisces of the Blizzard of 1978

Organizations of Involvement

*Anything else that may be of interest


If you or someone is interested in being interviewed please call the library at (419)862-242 and ask for Jen.  You may also email


Living History Day Camp (grades 3-7)

Elmore Antique Roadshow (Local Appraisers)

Elmore Civil War Veterans Home Tour

Barn Dance Membership Drive