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How to Donate...                     

If you have items that you wish to donate to the Elmore Historical Society, please drop them off  with Jen at the Local History Room at the

Harris-Elmore Public Library.  

328 Toledo St.
Elmore, OH 43416

We will fill out your paperwork there and send the items to be displayed with the Society

Or Call Renee @ 419-574-1559.

Recent Donations...

Harris-Elmore H.S. 1952 Senior                Harris-Elmore High School Helm  

                  Class Ring                                          Yearbook Editor Pin  (1952)        

Harris-Elmore H.S. Honorary Letter       Harris-Elmore H.S. Student Council               

    for Girls Glee Club (1950s)                                 Patch  (1950s)

*Above Items Donated by Robin Harder Hansen

Children's Harris-Elmore School Sweatshirts

*Donated by Brenda Weidner

Misc. Kitchen Items

*Donated by Carol Armbrust

Earl Hille 1930s Bicycle

*Donated by Vera Hille