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Elmore Historical Society

 P.O. Box 154    

353 Ottawa Street 

Elmore, Ohio 43416 Ottawa County


The Elmore Historical Society, an Ohio Corporation not for Profit, was founded in Elmore, Ohio and was incorporated under that name in January 1980, becoming effective immediately.


1.1                          The name of this corporation is ELMORE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC., located in Elmore,                                 Ottawa County, Ohio, 43416.

ARTICLE 2            PURPOSE

2.1                          The broad purpose of this Society is the pursuit of history, particularly that of the Elmore                                 area.  This includes the gathering and dissemination of historical knowledge, the                                 collection and preservation of things historical, and the fostering of an appreciation of                                 our historical heritage, for the education and benefit of this Society’s members and the                                 general public.

2.2                          The specific purpose of this Society as stated in Paragraph 3 of its Articles of                                 Incorporation is:

                                The purpose or purposes for which said corporation is formed are owning and                                 maintaining building(s) in which a public museum may be placed; leasing, purchasing,                                 maintaining, and mortgaging or encumbering suitable real estate and building(s) there;                              receiving, holding, and disbursing donations, bequests, and other funds for the purposes                              of said corporation; to collect, preserve, and disseminate historical knowledge relating                              to Elmore, Ohio and its surrounding area and any of its inhabitants, through a historical                              museum and a historical society and such other methods as may foster the recording,                              teaching, and presentation of history in and about Elmore, Ohio and its surrounding                              areas; to collect and preserve historical papers, maps, artifacts, furniture, and                              paleontological remains, relating to Elmore, Ohio and its surrounding area and in doing                              any and all things necessary incident thereto.

2.3                          Another purpose is to cooperate with similar historical societies and/or historical                institutions in surrounding areas.


3.1                          Any individual or organization interested in and in agreement with the purposes of the               Society may become a member.

3.2                          Different types of membership are available:

A. Individual ($5 per year) B. Family  [up to 4 members]  ($10 per year) C. Life       ($100 One-Time Fee)

3.3                          Yearly dues will be established and stipulated in the By-Laws.  A member may be                dropped for non-payment of dues.

3.4                          Annual membership will begin April 1 and end March 31 of the following year.              

3.5                          All participants representing the Society in its activities that volunteer for at least                              two events will remain in good standing.


4.1                          The officers of this Society shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and                Trustees.

4.2                          Duties of the Officers:

                                A.  PRESIDENT—shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees, perform all other                     duties as assigned and act always for the best interests of the Society.

                                B. VICE PRESIDENT—shall assume the office of president in case of the president’s                    absence or in case of permanent vacancy thereof, and shall serve as chairperson of                    the Program Committee.

C. SECRETARY – shall keep record of all meetings of the Society and of the Trustees.                    They shall also keep a memorandum of all programs, be responsible for conducting                    all official correspondence, for giving notice of all meetings of the Society and                    Trustees, will be head of the biannual Society newsletter, update the Society website                   ( and Facebook pages, produce Membership                    Banquet invitations, and shall perform all other Secretarial duties appropriate to the                             Society’s interests. At the annual business meeting in April (Membership Banquet),                    they shall give an annual report of the Society’s activities for that year.

                                D. TREASURER – shall have charge of all funds of the Society, and pay them out on                    order of the Trustees.  They shall collect all dues and maintain a roster of members.                    They shall keep a record of all receipts and disbursements, reports on same at each                    meeting (all financial information regarding each Society Event will be written and                    reported on at the following months meeting), make an annual financial report at the                       annual business meeting in April and perform all other fiscal duties appropriate to                    Society’s interests.        

E. TRUSTEES – shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the   chairpersons of                each committee. Their duties shall be to manage the affairs of the Society, including all business required by the President, and fill any vacancy occurring in any office. They are also responsible for repairing or getting bids to repair buildings & historical artifacts; reporting new building projects; grounds upkeep; and grants for Maintaining Buildings & Material.                  

4.3                          The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for the various offices at   the April meeting.  Election will be by ballot and a quorum vote will determine the winners.  The President will ask to appoint three members.

4.4                          The term of tenure for all officers shall be two years beginning at the April meeting and ending the May meeting the following year.

4.5                          The Trustees will serve a term of two years to be elected at the April meeting following their terms.


5.1                          Regular meetings will be used for the conduct of necessary business and to implement                 the purpose of the Society by lectures, exhibitions, ceremonies, tours or other                 appropriate activities.  They will be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 3pm.

5.2                          At the annual business meeting in April, annual reports will be presented, officers                 elected, committees appointed, and other necessary items handled.

5.3                          Trustees will meet at the call of the president, who will act as chairperson of the                 Trustees.  These meetings will discuss EVENTS and any other business of the Society.


6.1                          There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of three members, one of whom will                 be the immediate past president.  This committee will present a slate of candidates for                 officers at the annual meeting in April.

6.2                          A Program Committee consisting of the Vice President and two other members shall                 plan programs, tours, ect. for the monthly meetings.

6.3                          The History Seekers Educational Committee will be responsible for educational programming, living history demonstrations & tours, museum displays, children’s programming, Museum & Heckman Cabin Tours/Maintenance (of displays), Museum displays, donation placement & documentation, historical research, & publications.  They are also responsible for the photographic documentation of Society events, programming, historical artifacts, and anything else deemed appropriate with the Society’s interests.  The chairperson will send all photographs to the Secretary for viewing on the Society webpages.

6.4                          The Kitchen Committee will be responsible for food preparation & table set up at Society events, kitchen care/cleanup, kitchen inventory, event menus, Barn rental bookings/set- up, Barn rental clean-up/keys (in accordance with the Barn Rental Agreement), and communication with the Health Department.  One member should be certified with the Health Department.

6.5                          The Event Committee will be responsible for flyers, advertisements, announcements, press/media news releases for all events; decorating each building for events/tours, purchasing and maintain decorations, promoting Membership; finding sponsorships (mugs/shirts/ads) for festivals; and Elmore Historical Society branding/merchandise. They will also be responsible for bands; vendors; performers; Flea Market; Car Show; Raffles; and Adult Games for each of the events promoted by the Society.

6.6                          The Membership/Volunteer Committee is responsible for providing updated calling lists, promoting membership, and scheduling and overseeing volunteers at Society events.

6.7                          The Baking Contest Committee is responsible for the promotion and running of the various baking contests at each Society event.

6.8                          Chairpersons of each committee will be appointed by Committee Members and will serve one year terms beginning in April and ending in May of the following year. They will also attend Trustee (Event) Meetings as they are Trustees.

6.9                          Each Committee chairperson and their members shall have meeting apart from the Society at their convenience.  The chairpersons will give monthly reports of their activities at both general and Trustee meetings.

6.10                        Other committees may be designated as needed, but must be voted on at the previous Society meeting.


7.1                          The general order of business at meetings shall be call to order, reading of minutes, treasurer reports, unfinished business, receiving of committee reports, new businesses, adjournment, and program.

7.2                          Roberts Rules of Order shall prevail.

7.3                          The membership of the Society in April each year shall hold an annual business meeting (Membership Banquet) for the election of officers and trustees and such other business as may properly be brought before it.  The day, hour, and place of such meeting shall be determined by the President.  An annual report of the Society’s activities shall be presented by the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Financial Report of the Treasurer shall be in writing and be made available to the membership.  During the meeting/banquet, there will be a slideshow or another form of memorial for members that have died in the past year.  There will also be a dinner and some form of entertainment and/or historical program at the Membership Banquet.

7.4                          Other special business meetings may be held on the call of the President, or the written request of five members, stating the reason for such special meeting.

7.5                          All such meetings shall be open to the general public, but only members shall be entitled to participate and vote.



8.1                          This Constitution shall be amended by a two-thirds vote present at any meeting, provided that any proposed amendment be presented to the member one meeting prior to any vote on it.

8.2                          By-Laws shall be established in the same manner as amendments.

8.3                          The President can be on any or all committees, but cannot preside over them.  Only the chairperson can preside over the committees.  The nomination committee is the only one the President is excluded from altogether.

The Undersigned Officers of the Elmore Historical Society, Inc., hereby certify that this is a true and actual copy of the Constitution of the Elmore Historical Society, Inc., as adopted by the Society’s Membership on the first day of January in the year of our lord, nineteen hundred eighty.


*Amended in January of 2015 by the membership of the Elmore Historical Society Inc.


President                                                                                                                            Vice President