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We are forming committees to help make the Elmore Historical Society run things a bit smoother, get more community participation/input, and trying to make more programming for the public in addition to our fundraising festivals. 

 Below are the Committee Names along with their responsibilities, Chairperson, and current members. We ask that you all take part in being a member of any or several committees!! 

 AND REMEMBER...though only members can serve on committees, you can join anytime and DO NOT have to be a resident of Elmore. :)  

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  This committee will present a slate of candidates                                                                             for officers at the annual meeting in April.  

                                                                                    (Will consist of 3 members each year)


                                                                         MEMBERS: Norma Chambers, Carol Armbrust,                                                                                                        & Trinidad Cuevas

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Consisting of the Vice President and two other members                                                               shall plan programs, tours, ect. for the monthly meetings.


                                                                MEMBERS: Renee Thomas, Jen Fording, Shirley Hensel

HISTORY SEEKERS EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE:  Responsible for educational                         programming, living history demonstrations & tours, museum displays, children’s programming, Museum & Heckman Cabin Tours/Maintenance (of displays), Museum displays, donation placement & documentation, historical research, & publications.  They are also responsible for the photographic documentation of Society events, programming, & historical artifacts.   

                                CHAIRPERSON:  Jen Fording

                                MEMBERS: Norma Chambers, Renee Thomas, Jane Schneider, Rachel Henck, Carol Armbrust, Tom Aldrich, Kathy Bell

KITCHEN COMMITTEE:  Responsible for food preparation & table set up at Society events, kitchen care/cleanup, kitchen inventory, event menus, Barn rental bookings/set- up, Barn rental clean-up/keys (in accordance with the Barn Rental Agreement), and communication with the Health Department.  One member should be certified with the Health Department.   

                                CHAIRPERSON: Anna Lutman

                                MEMBERS: Laurie Basden, Kathy Bell, Robin Bell, Rhonda Bibler,  Jennifer Parlette, Renee Thomas, Roxann Hazel, Trinidad Cuevas, Gail Lutman

EVENTS COMMITTEE:  Responsible for flyers, advertisements, announcements, press/media news releases for all events; decorating each building for events/tours, purchasing and maintain decorations, promoting Membership; finding sponsorships (mugs/shirts/ads) for festivals; and Elmore Historical Society branding/merchandise. They will also be responsible for bands; vendors; performers; Flea Market; Car Show; Raffles; and Adult Games for each of the events promoted by the Society.   

                                CHAIRPERSON: Rick Claar

                                MEMBERS:  Jen Fording, Renee Thomas,  Kathy Bell, Trinidad Cuevas, Jackie Rober, Jim Krumnow, Laurie Basden, Larry Coats

MEMBERSHIP/VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE:  Responsible for providing updated calling lists, promoting membership, and scheduling and overseeing volunteers at Society events.   

                                CHAIRPERSON: Kathy Bell

                                MEMBERS: Jen Fording, Renee Thomas

BAKING CONTEST COMMITTEE: Responsible for the promotion and running of the various baking contests at each Society event.   

                                CHAIRPERSON: Renee Thomas

                                MEMBERS: Rhonda Bibler, Robin Bell, Anna Lutman, 


**Chairpersons of each committee will be appointed by Committee Members and will serve one year terms beginning in April and ending in May of the following year. They will also attend Trustee (Event) Meetings as they are Trustees.

**Each Committee chairperson and their members shall have meeting apart from the Society at their convenience.  The chairpersons will give monthly reports of their activities at both general and Trustee meetings.